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Blue Jeans | Las Vegas Boudoir

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  “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci Part 3 of 6. It’s getting sexier each day! Woohoo!  

Las Vegas Couples Boudoir Photography – Part 2

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L & J were so completely awesome to work with. We truly had the best time with their shoot! I adored the love between these two that was so apparent. I heard L whisper to her husband, “You look so handsome honey” and completely melted. Love and passion. That’s what it’s all about! I like …
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Las Vegas Couples Boudoir Photography – Part 1

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There are plenty of reasons to do a Couples Boudoir Session. Here are just a few… To celebrate the two of you. To create a little romance. A Vegas elopement or day after the wedding. To keep the memory of your love and passion alive for generations to come. One of my favorite things about …
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Unleashed: The Swan | Boudoir Photography

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Mrs. W said something that struck a chord during her shoot with me. She said she is finally beginning to feel like she is blossoming, after spending her entire life feeling like the ugly duckling. I’d say she’s turned into quite a stunning SWAN, wouldn’t you? I find it hard to believe that such a …
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International Woman of Intrigue

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Mystery and Intrigue. Two of the sexiest things a woman can be, in my book. And two of the things I most definitely am not! But, oh how I yearn to be intriguing and mysterious! This particular client embodied both of these traits, along with intellect and such a giving nature.     Can you …
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Addicted to Boudoir

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After getting repeat after repeat clients, it comes as no surprise that our boudoir sessions become quite addictive. Mrs. L is one of our favorite addicts from Texas (we have quite a few from that state and we adore our Texas gals)! We look forward to doing a session for her every year and love …
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