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Why Women are Stripping Down for Stacie Frazier’s Camera

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It’s Flashback Friday and I thought I’d return to a fabulous write-up Las Vegas Weekly magazine did on Haute Shots awhile back. Really proud of this article and we hope you will enjoy it too! Read it write here. Here’s an excerpt from it below: Looking through Frazier’s portfolio, it’s the vibrant sexiness of her …
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Fantasy Boudoir: The Dirty Cowgirl

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One of our favorite clients is back and this time she’s ready to lasso your hearts with her absolute hotness! We had so much fun with this fantasy boudoir session, can you tell? This is an actual client, not a model.   Haute Shots Reality TV Show – let us know what you think by …
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Chapeau Noir | Las Vegas Boudoir

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Bringing masculine details as props is a great way of getting you into the proper mood for your boudoir session. It lends itself to a certain feeling of power and confidence, which always shines in your photos.  

Addicted to Boudoir

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After getting repeat after repeat clients, it comes as no surprise that our boudoir sessions become quite addictive. Mrs. L is one of our favorite addicts from Texas (we have quite a few from that state and we adore our Texas gals)! We look forward to doing a session for her every year and love …
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Here Comes the Bride | Las Vegas Boudoir

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This lovely lady was in Vegas for her wedding and decided to have boudoir photos taken as a gift to her future husband. She had her special day carefully planned out, which included her boudoir session just hours before her wedding. Part of her wedding chapel package included a stylist who was to do her …
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How to Prep Your Skin for a Photo Shoot | Vegas Boudoir

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  • Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion

Prepping your skin is especially important for a boudoir photo shoot where you are showing so much of it. You want your skin to look healthy – dewy and glowy, not dry and flaky (and not too shiny either). Here are a few tips I have learned along the way: Exfoliate: Dry Brushing the body …
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