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What’s YOUR Fantasy?

Remember our Stitched shoot collaboration that we worked on awhile back? Well, we were filming a VIDEO! And, it’s ready to make it’s grand debut! Stitched from Black Raven Films on Vimeo. This was an absolute dream come true for me. Not only getting to collaborate with so many talented and creative people, but with …
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Stitched Part 2

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Continuing on from yesterday’s post. Shana’s husband played a big role in our video shoot too, so of course I had to get some couples shots of the two of them! They are so perfect together, aren’t they? The store we shot in (Stitched) provided Adam’s wardrobe, tailoring and all. Doesn’t he look debonair and …
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Las Vegas Couples Boudoir Photography – Part 2

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L & J were so completely awesome to work with. We truly had the best time with their shoot! I adored the love between these two that was so apparent. I heard L whisper to her husband, “You look so handsome honey” and completely melted. Love and passion. That’s what it’s all about! I like …
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Las Vegas Couples Boudoir Photography – Part 1

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There are plenty of reasons to do a Couples Boudoir Session. Here are just a few… To celebrate the two of you. To create a little romance. A Vegas elopement or day after the wedding. To keep the memory of your love and passion alive for generations to come. One of my favorite things about …
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Wedded Bliss | Couple’s Boudoir

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I am head over heels for couples sessions lately! We have been doing lots the past few months! This one in particular is one of my personal favorites. The love between these two was obvious. And, the Mrs. was simply one of the sexiest creatures I have ever laid eyes on! The camera absolutely adored …
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Date Night in Vegas | Las Vegas Boudoir

One of the secrets to maintaining a sizzling romance in a relationship is to continue wining and dining one another, well after the courting phase is over. Take the time to do sexy and exciting things (like a boudoir shoot…hint hint…hehe). Well, this particular couple definitely know how to keep things exciting, that’s for sure! …
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A Natural | Las Vegas Boudoir

Beginning to feel a bit more caught up now…yay! So, let’s get this blog ball rolling again, shall we? Mr. K arranged this shoot for his incredibly gorgeous wife and himself. Yep, we had a couples session even though I had told myself I wasn’t going to do couples sessions anymore. Here’s the thing, he …
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