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"A website is like a business card, whereas a blog is like a hand shake."~Jasmine Star

Consider this blog as the inside scoop to Haute Shots news and our team. Follow along with our current updates, and get to know our personalities. Join us on our unbelievably exciting journey in the fabulous world of beauty and boudoir! We hope you'll check back often and leave us some love by commenting on our posts every once in awhile!


About the Haute Shots Mission

I named Haute Shots with Haute Couture in mind. Haute Couture in French means 'high dressmaking'. The word 'Haute' denotes 'High' or 'Elegant', while the word 'Couture' means 'Sewing'. Haute Couture is frequently mistaken with 'high fashion', but the distinction lies in the custom nature of it and the exclusivity. Ready-to-Wear (prêt-à-porter) does not qualify as Haute Couture. And, likewise with boudoir photography, what works for one woman might not work with another. So with that in mind, it is my goal with Haute Shots to constantly strive to match the standards of Haute Couture with what I offer in my photography sessions as well as the end products.

Some of the traits I keep in mind as my mission for your experience are:

Customized to each client.
Each session ( posing, lighting and retouching techniques) is geared towards each individual. Hera Beauty adheres to these standards as well with your hair & makeup styling.

High quality product.
I strive to offer you the best product possible from everything from the actual photography to the end product.

Attention to detail.
Your comfort and happiness is of the utmost concern. I scrutinize over every detail of your experience to make it the best it can be for each of you.

I want your photos to be as fabulous as you are (and NEVER outdated looking), so I am constantly looking for ways to stay fresh with photography as well as keeping an eye on fashion.


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2 Responses to "About This Blog"

  • Lindsay
    January 7, 2013 - 10:46 am Reply


    Do you do video sessions?

    Thanks, Lins

    • stacie
      January 7, 2013 - 3:09 pm Reply

      Hi Lindsay,

      We can incorporate video into your session to create a fusion slideshow with stills and motion.

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