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Boudoir Fine Art Prints

  • boudoir fine art prints
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  • boudoir wall art

Boudoir is such an intimate form of photography that many clients come in believing they want digital files as their final products. However, they quickly change their minds upon seeing their beautiful portraits. I couldn't be happier with this decision. I had the misfortune of losing all of my photos from my past during a move. I can't begin to tell you how greatly I miss having tangible evidence of some of my greatest moments of life. And, while having digital files of them would surely be nice, being able to handle or hang photos from my life history would be just incredible. There's just something magical about flipping through prints that depict your history, your youth, your beauty, that helps define who you are and who you were throughout the years. A series of boudoir portraits are the ultimate photos to look back on with pride.

Most clients end up with a stunning album that displays their photos discretely. However, I like to encourage my clients to consider wall art, as well. It's simply the best daily reminder of the confidence they exuded (and felt) during their boudoir session and the beauty that really does live within them, that I can possibly offer. After all, it's not tucked away in a drawer like an album might be, but rather hanging proudly.

Some clients prefer to hang their prints in the master bedroom, bathroom or even the master closet (for those fortunate enough to have a closet spacious enough for wall space). However, I believe it can hang in any room in your home! In fact, this type of photography is the most popular form of art, dating back to art's earliest stages.

For the more timid, we can always create a work of art that nobody would even know is you! Fine art nudes are often incredibly mysterious. So, go ahead and show off your beauty to the world, or at least those who enter your home....but better yet, show it off to yourself as a daily reminder of how hot you truly are!

We recently added Fine Art Giclée Prints on gorgeous Hahnemühle German paper. The print comes mounted in a museum-quality, double mat and is finished with a V-groove. These prints are absolutely beautiful!

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We still have other popular options for wall displays too, of course, like our gorgeous canvas gallery wraps.

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Stacie is the owner and photographer of Haute Shots. She resides in Las Vegas, NV. She LOVES hearing from you all on her blog so be sure to comment!

2 Responses to "Boudoir Fine Art Prints"

  • Bill Gellerman
    April 17, 2014 - 8:43 am Reply

    These are gorgeous Stacie. Well done. I love the artsy feel of them and how they express beauty in a celebratory way. Being beautiful isn’t a bad thing, being a woman and being sexy should be celebrated, respectfully by men and women.

  • Vanessa Yeh
    April 30, 2014 - 10:07 pm Reply

    Wow, these are incredible! Those canvas prints are so lovely and quite unexpected. Looking forward to seeing more of your work :)

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