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Frequency Interview Video | Las Vegas Boudoir

Whenever I spend time downtown I end up wanting to move there. Last night was no exception. I was at The Beat as one of the guests being interviewed for Frequency on DTLV. Being there amongst so many other wildly creative souls who are all actively pursuing if not already living their dreams, filled me with a vitality I can't begin to explain. But it left me yearning for more, that's for sure. Reminder to self: GO DOWNTOWN MORE OFTEN! Sheesh!

Frequency Interview Photo

So, about last night....

I wasn't sure what to expect when I agreed to be interviewed for Frequency by the amazing writer, Heidi Kyser who covered our No Makeup story in Seven Magazine. But, I agreed to it because I trusted Heidi mostly, but also because I figured it might be another great way of getting our story out to possibly a new crowd. Easy peasy, right?

I was fairly relaxed until we stood up to go on next. Eeks. I came close to having a full blown panic attack. Thankfully Heidi has the most calming nature about her and she was able to put my right at ease. Heidi is so easy to talk to. I really enjoyed my time discussing everything with her! Although, my interview wasn't as funny as the other guests (oh my goodness, they had me in tears from laughing so hard), ours was definitely more emotional, as you can see towards the end when Heidi's question actually made me cry when I thought about how much the women in my life truly mean to me. From family members to friends to my incredible clients.

Wanna see the interview?

Watch the entire video to see some great Vegas personalities such as UNLV Professor and Freakin’ Frog owner Adam Carmer, Andrea Lipomi of Feetish Spa Parlor, as well as the artists, Ryan Brunty & Jacob Gallegos, of The 80's Kids. But if you have limited time and would like to skip ahead to my segment, it can be found at the 43:50 marker. Hope you like it!

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