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Flirty Fringe – DIY Lingerie Look

This guest post by Shana is the perfect DIY tutorial to steam up Valentine's Day tomorrow! You can make this today! It's so easy and very affordable! So, let's get to it, shall we?

$4 for fringe,
$4 for glue gun,
$3 for glue,
$2 for bows and ribbon,
Existing black bra and panty

Total time 15 minutes!

You will need:

Scissors, hot glue gun, ribbon and pre-made bows or any embellishment you want, you could use studs, chains, get creative!, 2 yards of Fringe in two colors, bra and underwear (Thong panty or briefs, I just used some I already had!)


  1. Place the fringe half way on the bra and begin gluing in 1 inch sections, this will help you keep it straight and allow for the glue to not dry out on you.
  2. Follow the fringe all the way around to the other side stopping halfway to the back.
  3. The panties are a little more difficult and you want to make sure to leave enough room in the front so that it can still stretch, I almost couldn't get them on, so I suggest leaving a larger space, perhaps stopping at the side of the hips. Repeat step two and three.
  4. Now it is time to embellish. I would have studded it but I didn't have any studs, so I just placed the bows with the pearls in the center of the bra, on each end of the thongs to give it a more complete look.

I had a little extra time and decided I wanted to make a blindfold.

  1. Lay out the black fringe and line glue in one inch sections and place the ribbon along the line.
  2. Then line glue on the ribbon and place the red fringe in one inch sections across.
  3. Place a bow on each end. Voila!

Next time I will use studs and even chains on both the blindfold and handcuffs!

This can be a fun night with your honey or even a photoshoot like me!

While I love luxurious lingerie, we don't always have the funds or the time.

Let us know if you get inspired to make something similar and please share with us on Instagram using the #HAUTEDIY and #thriftersanonymous

diy lingerie

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  • Jenny
    September 6, 2013 - 11:17 am Reply

    Hi! I love this! Where did you buy the fringe?

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