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Action! Action! Behind the Scenes

Yesterday I was honored to help out my Spokesmodel and her husband, Adam by shooting the poster image for their short film, Action! Action! This was the easiest shoot of my life, thanks to the direction of Mr. London Mace. {He will be editing it for the poster too.} While it was EASY and lots of fun, man, was it ever COLD! I had to stop at a gas station in the middle of nowhere to buy gloves and a hat to keep warm with! So I ended up looking like a giant Panda photographer! Ha! Poor Shana was a trooper in her tank top though! And, doesn't she look awesome as an action star?

These are prop guns, by the way. I've heard way too many horror stories from other photographers about clients bringing real guns....LOADED...to their photography sessions, so I was relieved to see these were fakes!

Stacie Frazier photographer

See the film trailer right here:

ACTION! ACTION! Teaser from Black Raven Films on Vimeo

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Stacie is the owner and photographer of Haute Shots. She resides in Las Vegas, NV. She LOVES hearing from you all on her blog so be sure to comment!

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  • Shana
    January 17, 2013 - 12:08 am Reply

    I love this Stacie!!! It is times like this that make so lucky to have met you!! I truly feel honored to work with you and so honored that you were a part of ACTION ACTION!!! Can’t wait for you to see it!!!

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