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The 4-Hour Body

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New Year's resolutions. I love them and hate them. It seems most years I just can't find the time or motivation to keep them! I want this year to be different though and I think I found a book that is going to help me. It is called the 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferris.

I like to listen to educational programs while I work, and I remember hearing Timothy Ferris teaching about this book awhile back. It didn't really hit me then how his plan could work for me, but reading the book has definitely struck a chord. I will admit, at first I was not really enjoying the book or seeing how it could make a difference for me. When I first opened it, I looked through the Table of Contents and saw a Chapter on sex, and well, I went straight for that...ha! I found it odd that a book on weight-loss, dieting and getting into shape would have had a chapter on sex. As I began reading through that part, I couldn't help but think the author was a bit of a tool for including this, however, he does have some good information for men to read in regards to women there.

After that chapter, I went back to the beginning. It wasn't until around the third chapter that I began to think that this book could actually help me. I realized I was failing in the past because I didn't have a plan for accountability or even tracking my results! The diet he suggests seems easy enough to follow. It is basically eating  protein, veggies, and legumes for every meal. No white carbs or fruit. And for fitness, well, this book made me feel a lot more confident about starting at my own pace instead of feeling like I have to jump ahead to a level I'm not ready for yet. I also plan on getting a Kettlebell after reading a success story there.

So, do any of you care to join me in this journey?

Here are a few resources:

The 4-Hour Body Book

Stikk - Commitment Contract


And of course we had to give you a little photo inspiration:

strong is the new skinny

So, who all is in with me?
Let's support and encourage each other to be the best we can be in 2013!


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2 Responses to "The 4-Hour Body"

  • Christine
    January 7, 2013 - 2:36 pm Reply

    I started doing 4 Hour Body a week before Christmas in 2011. I lost 24lb last year, and it was easy. Matter of fact, I never did the exercises – I can’t because of a bad shoulder – so all of that was just because I switched to eating proteins, veggies & beans.

    The first 2 weeks are hard. After that, the cravings go away. I learned that I’m really allergic to wheat (I sneeze & am congested within 15 minutes of eating it now) so I find it even easier to skip. I don’t even eat wheat on the “cheat day” now.

    I’m happy to cheer you on and join in with you! I’ve still got another 24lb I want to lose! And if you have any questions at all, I’m happy to answer them too! (Well, about the eating part.)

    Welcome to the 4HB Club!

  • Tonee
    January 8, 2013 - 3:29 pm Reply

    Nice job.

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