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What’s Sexy Now | Las Vegas Beauty & Boudoir Photography

It's been awhile since I posted a What's Sexy Now installment. I thought posting one now would be a great way to ring in the New Year! This one features a very special guest, someone I have admired for some time now for her amazing fashion sense as well as her mad writing skills...the lovely, Laura Coronado.

What makes a woman sexy?
I think self-love makes a woman sexy. A woman who loves herself unconditionally – body and soul – is a woman who exudes sex appeal. And frankly, a woman who loves herself is easy to fall in love with. Confidence, strength, resilience and self-belief also make a woman sexy, but these things all stem from self-love.

Famous female that most embodies sexy to you:
Right now I think Sofia Vergara is the sexiest woman on earth. She laughs and smiles a lot. You can tell she is loving her life, and that’s super sexy. I also think Rita Moreno and Sophia Loren from the 1960s era were extremely sexy. Voluptuous with dark exotic features, that’s what I want to look like as a woman.

Favorite sexy film or literature (or both):
The 1980s movie “Two Moon Junction” always sets me on fire. The tale of a pristine southern belle falling for a muscular, rugged, manly man who drives a rig and works at carnival and gets her to explore her passions and desires just really appeals to me. It’s like a naughty fairytale. Forbidden lust is hot.

Song or Album that never fails to put you in a sexy mood:
The song “Say Goodbye” by Dave Matthews never fails to get me in the mood. Again, the theme is forbidden lust. The song is about platonic friends who are attracted to each other allowing themselves one night of pleasure together and saying goodbye in the morning, sharing a sexy secret forever. It’s a fantasy I’d love to act out with my hubby. (Grabbing my bucket list now!)

Fashion trend, item or designer collection that you find sexy:
Two words: Tom Ford! And I mean all of it – cosmetics, accessories, fragrance and the women’s fashion. The man is a magician, and everything he does for women is done with the intention of making us feel sexy. He succeeds at that, too!

Sexy destination:
This may sound crazy, but for me, New Orleans is one great town for getting down. I don’t know if it’s the swamp humidity in the air, or the sensual jazz music, or the hurricane cocktail drinks – or all of it combined together! But New Orleans puts me in a really sexy mood.

What makes you feel sexy?
There are three things I do to make me feel sexy, and each is done to put focus on what I think are my three best physical attributes. One, because I have green eyes, I apply my eyeliner as perfectly as possible and wear loads of mascara. This puts extra emphasis on my eyes. My husband loves that and I feel like a sex kitten. Two, I'm luckily, naturally endowed. And I am not shy about showing off the girls. I love revealing a bit of cleavage. It makes me feel very womanly. Lastly, I have a derriere that complements my bust line. So I love to shake my hips while dancing, or jut a hip out while standing or innocently bend over. My husband loves my round behind, and when we're out together and he rests his hand on the area where my butt protrudes from my lower back, I feel like he's claiming ownership of it, and that makes me feel irresistible and desirable.

About Laura Coronado:
Laura Coronado is a Las Vegas fashion blogger with her own website at www.lollieshopping.com, where she blogs about fashion, style, shopping and beauty. She loves designer bargains and writes about the latest in sales and Vegas retail news for the magazine Vegas Seven. She is also a contributing writer for Vegas Rated magazine and for the website Inspiratoblogs.com. Coronado has been married for 18 years to that game guide author guy Dan Birlew.

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3 Responses to "What’s Sexy Now | Las Vegas Beauty & Boudoir Photography"

  • Calix Mannequins
    July 1, 2012 - 10:10 am Reply

    Two Moon Junction! Haha I love it. Totally forgot about that movie, but I definitely agree that it is one sexy movie.

    Sofia Vergara is another good sexy pick. I think another thing that makes her sexy is her sense of humor. You can tell she is just a hilarious person in real life.


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