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What’s Sexy Now Series | Las Vegas Boudoir


Welcome to the latest installment of my What's Sexy Now series! So proud to have this month's guest, Alison Wainwright. Alison is a successful female business owner in our fair city of Las Vegas. She is also an activist for animals, which I love about her! 2010 was a big year for Alison as she was named one of the "40 Under 40" ("40 most ambitious, talented, and influential leaders in Las Vegas under the age of 40"), recognized in SEVEN Magazine as "Best in the City", and also received Congressional Recognition for "Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to Business in Southern Nevada". Quite an accomplished gal! I was so happy when she agreed to contribute here!

Please extend a warm welcome to Alison! Hope you enjoy her thoughts on What's Sexy Now below:

  • What makes a woman sexy?

    Confidence makes a woman sexy AND beautiful. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who walks into a room and knows what she wants. I have seen women in all shapes and sizes other than what society tells us is sexy and her confidence turns all heads. You can see a woman who feels confident about who she is from across the room. Natural beauty is also sexy, unaltered natural women are more beautiful. A woman can be sexy in sweats, its all about inner beauty.

  • Famous female that most embodies sexy to you:

    Nicole Panattoni may not be super famous, but some people know her from America's Next Top Model and The X Life. Nicole is the wife of Cory Nastazio, pro-BMX rider. I have aways thought Nicole embodies sexy. She is down to earth, has natural beauty, and seems like a very sweet, all American girl. She seems very sweet but she's on top of her game.

  • Favorite sexy film or literature (or both):

    I thought that the movie "Unfaithful" was sexy. Though the story is about a married couple and the wife being unfaithful (which is not sexy) there was so much passion and love between the characters. Passion is always sexy.


  • Song or Album that never fails to put you in a sexy mood:


  • Fashion trend, item or designer collection that you find sexy:

    High black heels

  • Sexy destination:
    A quiet restaurant or bar with wine and candlelight always does the job.

  • What makes you feel sexy?

    Compliments are always nice and they will always do the job, but what makes me feel the most sexy is a suit! Wearing a business suit makes me feel confident and beautiful, and always turns heads. 🙂

    About little about me (Alison):

    I am the CEO and President of Las Vegas Mannequins, a Las Vegas based display company which rents and sells mannequins, forms, steamers and hangers in Las Vegas and nationwide. (She is also owner of Las Vegas Wigs!)

    Thank you so much for contributing here Alison!

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Stacie is the owner and photographer of Haute Shots. She resides in Las Vegas, NV. She LOVES hearing from you all on her blog so be sure to comment!

2 Responses to "What’s Sexy Now Series | Las Vegas Boudoir"

  • Erin Michelle
    May 12, 2011 - 7:58 am Reply

    Awesome article, I love the idea of interviewing local businesswoman!

    • stacie
      May 12, 2011 - 8:17 am Reply

      Thanks Erin! I have been aware of Alison for a few years now and have always admired her so I am so happy she agreed to do this!

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