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What’s Sexy Now Series | Las Vegas Boudoir


This installment of What's Sexy Now features a great gal most of you should be familiar with by now, Hera Beauty's makeup extraordinaire, Kat Ludens. Kat gives some great answers here and proves that she not only has an amazing sense of style but also that she knows her music, as some of you have experienced from listening to her cool playlists while she has done your makeup. By the way Kat, #1 Crush is one of MY all-time fav 'sexy' songs too!

  • What makes a woman sexy?
    I think passion, self-esteem, and attitude makes a woman sexy. Sexy doesn't have to be about big boobs or long hair, it's all about how you feel and carry yourself. I've met plenty of women who look gorgeous but are obsessed with their flaws and I've met women who look at their flaws and accept and embrace them! Happiness is the key, and a genuine, happy outlook is always much sexier than the constant search for perfection. (And a lot less tiring, I imagine!) Passion is also sexy- no matter what you are passionate about, from shoes to Star Wars, if it's something you love, keep loving it and let the world know you love it, even if it requires flying your freak flag high!
  • Famous female that most embodies sexy to you:
    Oh... do I have to just pick one? I love Gwen Stefani for her fashion sense- no one else rocks the platinum blonde pomp, red lips and girl-who-hangs-with-boys attitude. I love Pink for being the badass girl who can ask her man to marry her, looks even hotter with pixie hair, and looks like she'd be fun to have a drink with. And I love Gaga for just putting it all out there, no matter how crazy, no matter what anyone else thinks, and being passionate about her art.
  • Favorite sexy film or literature (or both):
    I don't know if I really have a favorite, but here are a few that stand out to me! Movie: Boxing Helena- a dark and twisty romance about obsession, deception, and amputation. Book: The Lover- another dark and twisty romance about obsession, an impossible affair, and sexual awakening. Book & TV: True Blood. What's not to love about Vampires, werewolves and a telepathic waitress? Plus, the show casts the hottest actors. If you're not watching, you're missing out!
  • Song or Album that never fails to put you in a sexy mood:
    I think I have to go with some classic albums:
    Enigma, MCMXC, A.D. - This album's moody atmosphere, slow beats and breathy whispers make it an instant sexy classic! There is also something about the French lyrics that just ooze sexy. (Check out this key track: Principles of Lust: Sadeness)
    Madonna, Erotica - Madonna released this album and her Sex book around the same time, generating major flack from critics and the general public. Personally, I think this is one of her best albums ever and so, so sexy. In fact, I had to buy this album 3 times because it keeps getting taken from my collection! (Key tracks: Erotica, Where Life Begins, Fever)
    Also, here's a couple of sexy songs:
    Conjure One: Sleep
    Bliss: Kissing
    Lamb: Gorecki
    Garbage: #1 Crush
  • Fashion trend, item or designer collection that you find sexy:
    Black, patent leather Louboutin heels, nude stilettos, lots of eyeliner, and glossy lips!
  • Sexy destination:
    An overwater bungalow on a white sand beach, or a private cabin in the woods!
  • What makes you feel sexy?
    Being loved and loving back!

Below are some images Kat found online to go along with her answers above (she selected some pretty incredible imagery, didn't she?):


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